Careers That Don’t Suck Profile: Medical Detective

Job Title: Medical Detective AKA: Medical Death Investigator, Medical Examiner, Pathologist, Forensic Pathologist, Coroner What is it? A medical detective is a medical doctor that is called upon to figure out medical mysteries”origin of strange infections, disease outbreaks, causes of death and reasons for abnormalities. What does a Medical Detective do? A Medical Detective uses […]

Will there be a new job in your stocking this year?

Manpower, a leading employment services firm, recently published it’s annual Q4 Employment Survey.  Manpower interviewed over 60,000 employers from 26 countries and territories and representing 10 industry sectors in an attempt “to measure anticipated employment trends” for their locations and industries between the months of October 2006 and December 2006. Employers were asked, “How do […]