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Maxing Out the Minimum Wage: 22 States Pay More

Federal minimum wage is still $5.15 per hour.  There’s no increase on the horizon, at least federally.  But, state governments are answering the call of the working poor by putting laws on the books that compel employers to pay more than minimum wage as a condition of doing business in the state.  Still more states […]

Careers That Don’t Suck Profile: Medical Detective

Job Title: Medical Detective AKA: Medical Death Investigator, Medical Examiner, Pathologist, Forensic Pathologist, Coroner What is it? A medical detective is a medical doctor that is called upon to figure out medical mysteries”origin of strange infections, disease outbreaks, causes of death and reasons for abnormalities. What does a Medical Detective do? A Medical Detective uses […]

Go Toward the Light: Job Boom in the Sunbelt

If you’re looking for a new job and you are willing to relocate, check out the Sunbelt cities with the fastest job growth. Las Vegas -Thanks to conferences, real estate, immigration and casinos Orlando -Thanks to Boomers, not babies (Disney-goers) Riverside -Thanks to warehouses, distribution and call centers Austin -Thanks to Toyota and tech Phoenix […]

What Not To Wear

Much ado has been made of what you wear, and more recently, “What Not to Wear”. I know that I have certainly had my fill of Stacy London on the Today Show dressing everyone from Boomers to babies. Does your what you wear to work still matter? If you ask the writers of the countless […]

Will there be a new job in your stocking this year?

Manpower, a leading employment services firm, recently published it’s annual Q4 Employment Survey.  Manpower interviewed over 60,000 employers from 26 countries and territories and representing 10 industry sectors in an attempt “to measure anticipated employment trends” for their locations and industries between the months of October 2006 and December 2006. Employers were asked, “How do […]

Changing Course: What Career Changers Need To Know

Changing careers is tough, and it only gets tougher the farther along you are in your career.  The problem is that the more experience you gain in one profession, the less likely current and prospective employers are to believe you can work in another.  Now, this is not true of every profession or every employer, […] Offers Low-Down on Metro Tech Jobs, a popular tech job posting site, now offers nifty quarterly reports on the tech job markets in select major metro areas. Metro areas highlighted include Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Houston, Los Angeles, and of course, Silicon Valley (San Jose).’s quarterly local market reports basically provide a brief overview of the tech job […]

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