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Careers That Don’t Suck Profile: Bee Rancher

Job Title: Bee Rancher AKA: Apiarist, Bee Farmer, Bee Rancher What is it? A Bee Rancher raises and handles bees used for honey-making and crop pollination. What does a Bee Rancher do? A Bee Rancher is just like any other farmer, except that his/her livestock are tiny, winged arthropods (bugs with a hard outer shell, […]

Forget Paris Hilton! Celebrity Teachers Rule!?

Only in Korea could there be celebrity teachers.  Would that American students were so enamoured of their dedicated instructors.  As it stands, the only celebrity teacher we know is Mary K. LeTourneau. Granted, Korea is a very different place.  Getting a college degree is a good-to-have in the U.S.  A hard-working and determined American college […]

November Employment Report: If They Build it, They May be Unemployed

There were no big surprises in the November Employment report released on December 8th. Employment was up overall due to the professional and business services, retail, leisure, health and education services sectors. The professional and business services sector grew by 43,000 jobs in the month of November, up 426,000 jobs thus far this year. Health […]

And Now, A Message From Your Blogger

I’ve been rather slow on my blogging for the last week or so.  Sorry about that.  But, as you know, it’s the holiday season, a time where it is all too easy to become consumed with the preparations and decorations.  I’m guilty.  I’m trying to prepare to visit my folks and celebrate mini-holidays with my […]

The Gift That Keeps Giving: The $1000 Startup

Have a would-be entrepreneur on your holiday list? Someone on your list secretly fanning the flames of entrepreneurship? Give the gift that keeps giving, the $1,000 Startup! The $1,000 Startup is the perfect gift for anyone who wants to start his/her own business in 2007.  And the best part is that you don’t have to […]

Go Green!: Buy Your Own Bio-Fuel Plant

Got $2M to spare?  Looking to buy a franchise?  Don’t buy a silly ol’ restaurant or cleaning service.  Nooo…buy a biodiesel fuel plant.  That’s right, a whole plant! British-born entrepreneur John Sayers, founder of FiltaFry, a 500-franchise business that cleans commercial and restaurant deep-fryers and recycles cooking oil, wants to sell you a turnkey biodiesel […]

Careers That Don’t Suck Profile: Affiliate Marketing Manager

Job Title: Affiliate Marketer AKA: Publisher, Affiliate Marketing Manager, Manager of Affiliate Strategy, Online Marketing Manager What is it? An Affiliate Marketer, usually a freelancer or small business owner, markets the products/services of other companies in exchange for a commission or fee. What does an Affiliate Marketing Manager do? An Affiliate Marketer creates his/her own […]

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