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Best Places to Work for Female Execs

On January 24, 2007, Catalyst announced that The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc., PepsiCo, Inc., PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, and Scotiabank are the recipients of the 2007 Catalyst Award, the award given to companies that employ innovative methods to advance women and business. All entrants were reviewed and judged rigorously on criteria including business rationale, senior leadership support, […]

Win A Free $1,000,000 Ace Hardware Store

Ace Hardware and Mars Incorporated are offering some lucky would-be entrepreneur the opportunity to win their very own Ace Hardware store as part of their Dream Ace Contest. One lucky winner who passes the entrepreneurship suitability test and answers 3 essays questions (up to 100-words per answer) will qualify to compete for the second round. […]

You Don’t Need No Stinkin’ MBA (Right?)

Does having an MBA mean you are a professional business manager? Harvard MBA Devi Vallabhaneni doesn’t think so. Vallabhaneni believes that new MBAs should have to pass a 4-part, 16-hour, 400-question Certified Business Manager (CBM) test, a veritable bar exam for business managers. Only then, can they, like doctors, lawyers, engineers and accountants, be truly […]

$60,000 In A Mattress

European SleepWorks, located in Berkeley, California, is a retailer of mattresses, bedding and furniture, and quite possibly the only retailer offering to pay salespeople $60,000 per year so that they “don’t use the hard sell”! Michael Lavin, the founder of the $6 million, 20-person company, doesn’t pay commissions, and looks for salespeople with “an interest […]

To Franchise Or Not To Franchise. Your Questions Answered.

A franchise is a business concept that is owned by a parent company and licensed to an individual or another company. Franchisors, companies offering franchises for sale, do all of the up-front work–from dreaming up the concept to marketing it to the World. The franchisees, those who buy the franchises, pay a franchise fee, plus […]

Best Business Opportunities for 2007

1. Health and Wellness 2. Homeland Security 3. Construction/Contracting 4. Business Services 5. Portable Technology Hearthis post

Free Classes Help Nonprofit Entrepreneurs

If you’re considering starting an new non-profit or not-for-profit business this year, but still need some more guidance on how to fund your business, how to incorporate, how to write your business plan, check out these free courses: Getting Ready for Foundation Fundraising–FREE Online course Grantseeking Basics–FREE Classroom course (English & Spanish) Intro to Corporate […]

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