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Career Profile: Cryptologist

Job Title: Cryptologist Also known as: Cryptanalyst, Cryptographer, Cryptologic Technician, Cryptologic Linguist, Symbolist, Decipherer, Information Security Expert, Intelligence Agent or Officer, Information Security Engineer What is a Cryptologist? A Cryptologist is someone who is skilled at deciphering codes, puzzles or cryptograms, and at creating them in order to protect private information. What does a Cryptologist […]

Corporate Types Can Run Away With the Circus

Ever wish you could run away with the circus, but haven’t yet mastered fire eating? Well, pack your bags! Some of the greatest circus troupes in the world are hiring corporate working types like us to do what we do…under the big top. Like any other business, circuses need working types–accountants, secretaries, chief financial officers, […]

Minimum Wage Legislation Will Create Opportunity for Small Business, PEOs

On Feb. 1, the Senate passed minimum wage legislation (H.R. 2) as part of the Democrats’ agenda for their first 100 hours.  The bill, if passed, will increase the federal minimum wage to $7.25 per hour over a 2-year period. To ensure passage of the legislation, Senate Democratic leaders agreed to add a series of […]

Women Make Work Work

Are female execs really giving it all up for family time? Well, if you believe the countless prime-time news shows or the talk shows, the answer is a resounding “yes”.  I was among the millions who tuned in to the Oprah shows that featured top female execs, popular anchorwomen and CEO’s explaining why they chose […]

Is “The Secret” Worth Knowing?

On Thursday Oprah featured Rhonda Byrne and a panel of mostly unknown or little-known motivational speakers about the smash-hit Internet movie  “The Secret”.  If you’re not one of the 5+ million people who’ve paid the $5 to download the movie, then Oprah gave you a taste of what the rest of us have known for […]

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