Becoming A Brand: Building a Brand That Sells

Branding was once the domain of advertising and marketing agencies, and their mega-company clients. Branding once involved stationery, logos and taglines and pictures of wholesome families or cool rebels enjoying the products/services. Today, branding is top of mind for businesses large and small, regardless of their advertising budgets. Even one-woman consulting firms and two-person artisan […]

Beyond Borders: Expand Your Career With Global Executive Education

Global is the new business and career reality. No longer limited to manufacturing or customer service jobs being outsourced overseas, globalization is arriving daily on the doorsteps of every working professional. With ever-advancing technology, greater access to international business resources and increasing immigration levels, it has become far easier for employers of any size to […]

10 High-Paying Jobs That Don’t Require A Degree

Want to change careers? Don’t want to go back to college? Consider an apprenticeship, on-the-job training program, associate degree or certificate program and pursuing a career in one of these 10 fields: General & Operations Manager (Oil Industry) $103,854 Air Traffic Controller $102,030 Storage and Distribution Manager $66,600 Paralegal (Federal Government) $59,370 Nuclear Technicians $59,197 […]