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Winding Down the Podcast & New Media Expo

Alrighty.  We’re winding down here at the Podcast & New Media Expo.  I’ve sat through my last 3 sessions on growing your audience.  The take-away?  I’ve got lots of work to do to promote my upcoming podcasts. I’m on my way out of this burg in a bit, but the expo has certainly been educational.  […]

Day 2 of the Podcast & New Media Expo

I’m back.  First comment is that I hate the fact that the wi-fi sucks–at a podcast conference of all things.  Anyway, I have to hurry before the network goes down, or my battery runs out, either could happen within the next few minutes. So, let’s get to it.  Today’s seminar’s have been kind of hit […]

On to the parties.

Ok. The day is nearly done here at the Podcast & New Media Expo. I’m off to the parties. My last sessions of the day were on creating customized content to make money and screencasting–both very informative. I’ll be sharing more of the content from the sessions when I get back to my computer. For […]

Podcasters are starving!

Podcasters are starving for attention, for cash, for listeners, and for legitimacy. That’s what i’m learning in my workshops. I’m skipping all of the podcasting 101 stuff in favor of the biz and monetization stuff. I’ve also been hitting the marketing ones. Most of them have been pretty informative. I’ve learned lots of cheap promo […]

podcast & new media expo off to a good start

Ok, it’s a geek fest. The event is pretty well attended. The attendees are mostly fold in their late 20’s-late 40’s–a wide range of ages. Most are inexperienced podcasters looking for tips and direction. Most are here to learn how to earn money doing it. I’ve made my way thru the exhibit hall. The booths […]

Live from the podcasting & new media expo

Today I’m coming to you live from my iPhone at the Podcasting & New Media Expo in Ontario,Ca. Throughout the day I’ll be updating you on my experience. Stay tuned. Hearthis post

Become a QVC Millionaire

Do you have a product that you know will be a best-seller with the QVC crowd? Are you the perfect pitch-person for your product? Could you persuade millions to love your product the way you do? Great. All you need is a break, right? Here it is. QVC representatives will be on hand at the […]

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