More Real Work From Home Opportunities

Just checking in with a few more REAL work from home opportunities.  These are the ones that are not scams, not attempts to get you to buy a brochure or a tape or invest in equipment and supplies only to find no business coming your way.  These are also not get-rich-quick schemes.  They are real ways to earn a bit of income while working, or playing, at home. – Mediatext allows you to generate cash from your current website or blog without having to create new content.  You add a line of code to your site that creates pop-up ads based on keywords found in your posts or other text.  You get paid when your readers follow the click and purchase or sign up for the product. (PPP) – PPP is a marketplace and matchmaker for advertisers who want to spread the word about their products and bloggers who want to get paid for blogging.  Membership is free.  Just register, set your minimum price and shop the board for opportunities.  A better-than-average blogger can earn upwards of $500/month, limited only by your writing ability and energy. – Spread your good blogging around!  Associatedcontent is a syndication site for your writing, videos and pictures on any subject.  You write it, submit it and they spread it around (syndicate it).  You gain exposure for your blog and your skills, and get paid for your original submissions (stuff you’ve not posted anywhere else).  There’s also a performance bonus paid based on page views your content generates.

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