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New CareerCasts Podcasts Available Now!

If you haven’t already been tuning into the CareerCasts, take the time today to listen to the latest podcasts. The latest episode features career lessons from the hit show Grey’s Anatomy. Don’t forget to download and rate our podcasts on iTunes! Hearthis post

You Make Me Feel Like A Profitable Woman

Catalyst, a nonprofit research organization devoted to advancing the cause of equality for women in the workplace, recently released the results of its report, The Bottom Line: Corporate Performance and Women’s Representation on Boards. The study revealed that Fortune 500 companies with women board directors performed exponentially better than those with no women board directors. […]

Franchise Forward: Why Franchise Ownership May Be The Way To Go

We’ve not spent much time talking about franchises, but they are very viable business opportunities through which thousands of people have earned comfortable livings. And, more than a few millionaires have been minted via franchise ownership. The beauty of owning a franchise, versus other business opportunities, is that you start off, in most cases, with […]

Inspiring Ideas: Material World

Today I’m launching a new feature, Inspiring Ideas. Beginning today, I will spotlight breakout business and career ideas as I stumble upon them. The first idea comes from George Beylerian, a 72-year-old Egyptian-born New Yorker. Beylerian created Material ConneXion, a library of samples–from textiles to rocks–frequented by artists, designers, architects, engineers and scientists. Every piece […]

Career Gear Update: Amazon Kindle to Re-Kindle Reading

Amazon unveiled it’s new wireless handheld reading device, the Kindle, on Monday. The device is a thin, white device no thicker than a pencil that weighs in at 10.3 ounces. The Kindle allows users to read newspapers, novels and everything in between on it’s 6-inch screen. The Kindle has a 600×800-pixel resolution with a four-level […]

The Day After Tomorrow: Preparing for the Christmas Shopping Season

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving.  I love Thanksgiving, but retailers and other businesses care about only one thing…the day after tomorrow, the first day of the Christmas shopping season.  For most businesses, especially retailers, Christmas business accounts for more than 80% of their annual revenue. This year’s shopping season is more important than ever.  The entire economy […]

Whistling While They Work: Happiest People, By Job

Time recently released its special report America by the Numbers, a report on the “average American’s” habits–from what we eat and drink to what we buy and how we spend our time.  The numbers regarding our job satisfaction were very interesting.  Time’s researchers found that those happiest with their jobs were as follows (in descending […]

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