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Are You A Hot Property? This Survey Will Tell You.

The economic slump (read: recession) we are currently experiencing has left many with the impression that things are bad all around. The truth is that things are not great in many sectors of the economy–financial services, manufacturing, housing. But, the truth is a multi-faceted thing. While things are glum for many, there are bright spots […]

Career Question: Are You a Hot Property?

This is not simply a “pat-yourself-on-the-back” question, but one that requires introspection and an honest assessment of what you have to offer–your value proposition. Are you a hot property that an employer or client should pursue or hold on to? If you are indeed a hot property, why? What is your value proposition? Are you […]

Career Event: Hispanic Entrepreneurship in the Financial Services Industry

On Thursday, January 31, 2008, the Hispanic Alliance for Career Enhancement (HACE) will host a special “Industry Insight” event sponsored by New York Life, to explore the growing maket for financial services in the Latino community. Santiago Ibarreche, Ph.D., Director of the Center for Hispanic Entrepreneurship – University of Texas at El Paso, will speak […]

U.S. Automakers In the “Golden Parachute” Business

On Monday, Chrysler LLC announced that it would be offering buyouts of up to $100,000 each to hourly workers at 12 of its Detroit-area facilities as part of its plan to eliminate up to 10,000 unionized jobs in 14 months. Chrysler spokeswoman Michelle Tinson said the buyouts could be extended to a 13th plant in […]

Music To Work By: A “Little Voice” Goes A Long Way

It’s not spanking new, but it’s my new favorite album. Sara Bareilles’ “Little Voice” is a refreshing departure from the usual candied pop album. Bareilles’ lyrics are thoughtful, cheeky and frankly, cool. I love that her love songs paint pictures of prickly, complicated love that is not the end-all-be-all. Sara clearly loves deeply when she […]

Will The Shot-Gun Economic Stimulus Package Steer Us Out of Recession

Today, Nancy Pelosi announced the terms of the economic stimulus package designed to pull us out of the recession. The package is a bag of compromises the benefits of which will not be available to individuals and businesses will not likely reap until this summer. Here are the terms of the package: Total package cost: […]

5 Keys to Riding Out the Recession

The “Big R”, Recession, is here. Ushered in by higher gas prices and the subprime mortgage debacle, the recession is spreading like Ebola to every sector of the economy. Yesterday, the stock market took a spine-tingling 326-point dive before rebounding (to our collective relief). The unemployment rate is at a two-year high of 5%. Housing […]

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