Music To Work By: A “Little Voice” Goes A Long Way

It’s not spanking new, but it’s my new favorite album. Sara Bareilles’ “Little Voice” is a refreshing departure from the usual candied pop album. Bareilles’ lyrics are thoughtful, cheeky and frankly, cool. I love that her love songs paint pictures of prickly, complicated love that is not the end-all-be-all. Sara clearly loves deeply when she does love, but it’s doesn’t appear to be the airbrushed sort of love that beckons one to cast aside all aspirations, self-awareness and common sense. It’s like “smart love”.

Sara Bareilles' Little Voice album (2007)

Bareilles’ lyrics move me (in my office chair and in soul), but they are matched by her peppy, sometimes R&B-esque rhythms. Her piano playing just makes me happy, then melancholy then happy again.

My favorite tracks are “Love Song”, “Vegas”, “Between the Lines” and “Fairytale”. That’s not to say that I don’t enjoy tracks like “Many the Miles” and “Gravity”.

Bareilles Little Voice is a big gift on a particularly long work day.