Economists are dustin’ off the oldies. They are issuing warnings of “Stagflation”. If I didn’t know better, I’d tell you to get vaccinated, but stagflation is an economic condition. Coined in the late 70’s-early 80’s, “Stagflation” was used to describe a condition where inflation rises rapidly while the economy slows rapidly.Economists are chanting this haunting […]

Wrap Up: February Meeting of Careersthatdontsuck’s Career Changers’ Group

Monday night’s meeting of Careersthatdontsuck’s Career Changers’ Group was another excellent experience. Career Changers’ met at the offices of our venue sponsor, Organic Inc., where I presented “Now What?”, a presentation of the business and career opportunities still–and newly–available in the wake of the economic downturn and other business, social and other trends. The group […]