Music To Work By: Jill Scott Live in Paris+

I spent last Thursday and Friday night with the incomparable Jill Scott at the Paramount Theater in Oakland, California. Ms. Scott delivered soulful, witty ballads, sassy hip-hop-laced R&B tunes, thought-provoking spoken word, a bit of opera and the occasional devilish remark.

She served us for over two and a half hours. I forgot about the time (though it was a school night). Then, after returning for her curtain call and bidding us goodnight, she returned to the stage sans shoes to share what she called “a moment” with us. Jill sang a song she said came to her in a dream. The song was about being thankful for our gifts and recognizing our worth.
While you may not be able to spend an evening with Jill, you can certainly have the next best thing–Jill Scott Live in Paris+. Listening to the two-disk CD/DVD will transport you to an intimate dimly-lit, though somewhat crowded, venue where you’ll marvel at Jill’s amazing vocal range and the masterful way she engages her audience. Hate On Me (DVD Live at House of Blues) and He Loves Me (DVD Live In Paris) are worth the price of the set. It’s the perfect escape from any cubicle.

Jill Scott Live in Paris (album)

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