Reminder: Our First “Coach-In-A-Box” Call is Monday, March 31st!

Just a reminder. Our first “Coach-In-A-Box” Call is Monday, March 31st! I’ve very excited about the call. I’ve received some great questions via email and look forward to answering questions of call-in participants. To call in and ask your career or job search questions, or a question about the green or socially responsible careers and […]

Are You Relocatable to…Russia?

A survey by the Association of Executive Search Consultants revealed that 18% of white-collar American and European workers would relocate to Russia to work! Not surprisingly, the survey revealed that Russia was not the most desirable burg for ambitious young execs.  Nope!  This ladder-climbing bunch dreams of earning their “international work experience” badges in India […]

More Math We Love: Adding Jobs

I’m still on my mission to unearth as many job opportunities as I can for my readers and clients. To that end, I’m back with more math we love–adding jobs. If you missed the first round, check it out now. Source Bio-Plastics (makers of CD/DVD packaging) in Massena, NY will create 175 new jobs […]