Outsourcing. Coming to a Brain Near You.

There’s been a lot of political and other debate about outsourcing, most of it about jobs being outsourced to other countries. But, there’s a growing trend of businesses and governments outsourcing work to a locale much nearer to home–your brain. Dozens of companies have launched innovation funds, contests and other initiatives designed to drive you […]

10 Hardest Jobs to Fill

Yesterday, Manpower released its annual “Hardest Jobs to Fill” list. The list features jobs that employers throughout the U.S. report having the most difficulty filling due to a “mismatch” between the skills employers require and the skills job applicants and candidates possess. The list is eye-opening generally, but is particularly so this year when every […]

National Small Business Week

The Pres has declared this week (April 21-25) National Small Business Week, a week dedicated to recognizing and celebrating small businesses and their contribution to our economy. Several small business owners and plenty of politicos will be out and about in Washington, DC to participate in the week’s events, panels and award ceremonies. The event […]