Living La Vida Laid-off

Getting laid off is no fun. It’s frustrating. It’s demoralizing. It’s life-changing for some. Losing a home is tough. Giving up luxuries like vacations and exclusive schools is tougher. But the toughest thing about living “La Vida Laid-Off” is just that…living it. Trying to be normal, trying to engage in topical conversation or to do […]

Opportunity Alert: 5 Money-Making Opportunities Tailor-Made For A Recession

Here are 5 business or career opportunities tailor-made for any recession. Negotiating severance agreements between laid off employees and employers Managing accounts receivable for business owners who now find themselves forced to accept payment in installments Liquidating business assets for downsizing and closing businesses, and banks who’ve foreclosed on such businesses Helping commercial and residential […]