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100 Job Fairs in September

In salute to my friends on the job hunting trail, I’ve updated the Event Calendar with 100 job fairs, all in the month of September. That gives you time to dust off your resume, brush up on your interviewing skills and build up your confidence. Check out September’s 100 Job Fairs Hearthis post

Is the economy molting, sheddi…

Is the economy molting, shedding dead skin? Is it just excessive, inefficient, stale, poorly managed companies that are limping or dying? Hearthis post

Is the recession simply cleari…

Is the recession simply clearing away companies that should have been dead a long time ago? Hearthis post

To all the master networkers: …

To all the master networkers: Have you ever referred anyone you met at a networking event for a job? Ever hired anyone you met at an event? Hearthis post

Nearly 200,000 Open Jobs…And Counting

As you read in our July jobs report post, the government sector is one of few still hiring, and apparently will be until this time next year given the number of retirements expected in the coming year.  If you’ve ever wanted to be an interior designer for the Dept. of Veterans Affairs, now’s your chance! […]

Want to be an interior designe…

Want to be an interior designer for the Dept. of Veterans Affairs? Sexy, huh? Pays $100,976. Hearthis post

Uncle Sam needs nearly 200,000…

Uncle Sam needs nearly 200,000 of you! He’s got 193,000 jobs to fill in the next 12 months. Hearthis post

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