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Career Gear Update: Free AT&T WiFi for iPhone Users

AT&T is doing what Starbucks wouldn’t, offering us free WiFi at Starbucks and other locations that use their network (Previously, you had to have an AT&T Internet or LaptopConnect account or pay for a session).  On Thursday, AT&T sent emails to all iPhone customers explaining how to access the free service.  The company’s website says […]

Businesses Scrambling to Keep and Attract Key Employees

Prior to the recession, businesses used pricey incentives like stock options, equity stakes, profit-sharing and performance bonuses to attract and retain talented employees.  But, decreased earnings and obliterated stock prices have left many companies scrambling to salvage those incentives and retain key employees. A new survey from Deloitte revealed that, of the 151 U.S. companies […]

I’ve never been into Robin Hoo…

I’ve never been into Robin Hood, but I could go for a little robbing Exxon to give to us poor (C’mon $14.38B in quarterly profit). Hearthis post

Freelance Jobs On the Rise

Our economic turmoil has hastened the demise of many jobs and businesses, but it’s also creating its share of opportunities.  One such opportunity is the growth of freelance jobs. Employers are posting jobs and projects on freelancer and work-at-home websites at a faster clip than they did prior to the recession., a website for […]

NY, NJ, CT “Tech Fast 50” Growing, Hiring

Deloitte recently released its the list of its 2008 New York, New Jersey and Connecticut “Tech Fast 50” companies.  These Tri-State area tech employers are growing at rates between 675% and a mind-boggling 111,580.00%. JOBS AT NY, NJ, CT TECH FAST 50 COMPANY 2008 RANK Alexion Pharmaceuticals 3 Sirius XM Radio 4 SpeechCycle 5 Brighton […]

Oh well, the upshot is that it…

Oh well, the upshot is that it’s another business opportunity for app developers. Hearthis post

LinkedIn, my fave business net…

LinkedIn, my fave business networking hub, added new apps. They fit the theme, but add no value for me. Thanks to Facebook, I’m app’d out! Hearthis post

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