Work From Home: Apple Wants You…in Your PJs

Here’s a bonafide work-from-home job opportunity with a company you may have heard of, Apple.  That’s right!  Steve Jobs, the maniacal genius that compels me to spend all of my money on pretty, shiny things I don’t really need, want to hire folks to work from home as AppleCare HBA Technical Customer Service Representatives (The HBA stands for “home-based” agent).

The job requires that you set up a dedicated (analog) phone line and have Internet access at home in order to take calls from Apple users who need help with technical and other problems.  To land the job you must be more than an Apple aficianado like myself; you must be well-versed in all things Apple–systems, software and hardware.  You’ll need to be pretty comfy with Windows too, since many Mac users use Windows for Mac.

Currently, Apple is hiring home-based agents in Austin, Phoenix, Colorado Springs, Denver and Sacramento (Your location matters since you’ll need to visit an Apple office once per month).

Apply for Apple Home-Based Agent Jobs Now!

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