Since you gotta work…’s 2009 Career Prediction #4

BIG GREEN THING No self-respecting futurist would create a list of 2009 career predictions without including something about “green”.  My take on where green is going in 2009 is that it will continue to spread like a virus, especially with President Obama’s commitment to climate change, the introduction of more R&D and startup incentives from […]’s 2009 Career Predictions #3

REMOTE CONTROL What you will not see in 2009 is businesses rushing to acquire more real estate or take back old office space.  Even if they do manage to add new jobs or bring back laid off workers, many of those newly hired workers will not find themselves in Dilbert’s digs (cubicles, that is).  Instead, […]’s 2009 Career Predictions #2

THE DOCTOR IS IN…YOUR COMPUTER The health care industry’s been hot this year.  Expect it to be even hotter in 2009. Heat Factors Already cost increases have slowed, job losses have cost many their health care coverage, and President Obama and his team will likely make major changes to health care coverage and expenses. Another […]’s 2009 Predictions

We’re ready to start reading the coffee grounds!  It’s time for’s 2009 Predictions.  Next year promises to be an exciting one filled with ups and, unfortunately, more downs.  In 2009, President Obama will lead us in the most epic economic struggle of my lifetime and attempt amazing feats of morale-boosting.  That’s not a prediction.  […]

Oldie But Goodie: New Year’s Career Resolutions

This one’s a classic!  If you missed this post on New Year’s career resolutions, you missed a lot of useful tips and tools to help you find a new job or start a new career in the coming year. Read: New Year’s Career Resolutions Hearthis post

Merry Christmas to All!

Merry Christmas to all. I know you’ve got one-track sweet potato pie minds today, but don’t forget to bring your resume to Christmas dinner. Read these holiday job-hunting posts, our gift to you: Pass the Employment Please! Hottest Gift of the Season: A Job Holiday Job-Hunting #2 Hearthis post

Unemployment Claims Rocket to 26-Year High

Sad bit of content on the day before Christmas and 3 days into Hanukkah.  The number of new unemployment claims has hit a 26-year high of 586,000 (seasonally adjusted).  That’s the highest since 1982.  Unfortunately, that signals more bad news to come–more lost jobs, longer periods of unemployment, lower consumer spending. Hearthis post

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