Since you gotta work…

Private Practice. Public Sector.

President Obama’s election has reignited interest in working for and with the government.  The recession has made government jobs the hottest, and nearly the only, game in town.  Many will be drawn to public life–life as politicians, officials and activists. Others will be drawn to a life less changed, less public, and more lucrative–working for […]

Opportunity Alert: The New Gold Rush

On January 24, 1848, James Marshall’s discovery of gold near the American and Sacramento rivers in California kicked off the great Gold Rush.  Inspired by Marshall’s fortune, thousands of miners and prospectors packed up and headed west in search of fortunes of their own.  A few became suddenly, fabulously wealthy; many others were swindled, unlucky […]

Unemployment Claims Near 700,000

New unemployment claims have reached 667,000, up from 631,000 last week.  These new claims bring the number of people receiving unemployment benefits to 5.1 million…and counting. Hearthis post

More Truths From the Job-Hunting Trail

There are no CEO jobs at job fairs.  That is not to say that there are not good jobs to be had at job fairs, but that you should lower your expectations a smidgen in order to land one. Everyone’s got a resume and a sad story.  You need a better one of each.  Note: […]

Profits Rising, Jobs Multiplying

Profit is a rare bird in this economy, but these companies are faring well in our bad economy.  They’re eeking out profits and still hiring. Profits Rising & Jobs Openings Unilever Genentech Apple Heinz Kellogg Juniper Networks Hearthis post

Figure out why the Republicans…

Figure out why the Republicans didn’t bring these great ideas when they were in power. Hearthis post

Miss the fact that republicans…

Miss the fact that republicans are digging up brown person to mask their divisive politics,… Hearthis post

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