Career Gear: The TweetDeck, Your Job Search Dashboard

A lot has been written about using online social networks, and Twitter in particular, to find your next job.  I can’t attest to “Tweeting = New Job”, but I can’t argue with the fact that many people are turning to Twitter for job and business leads (Follow’s tweets at @changecareers).  And, even if you find neither business nor job leads, just being a part of the Cult of Tweets can boost your prospects by demonstrating your tech- and pop culture-savvy.

Twitter is a many-splendored thing, so launching a job search there can be a bit daunting.  Well, I’ve found a way to keep an eye on the millions of Tweets, or at least the hundreds that interest me, without being bombarded with Tweets or incurring SMS charges.  I’ve found a way to sift through the tweets that pertain to jobs and career fields and companies in which I’m interested.  I’ve found a way to strike up conversations with CEOs, recruiters and fellow-jobseekers.  And, here’s the kicker.  I can do it all for FREE!

So, how am I performing this miracle?

I’m using my TweetDeck.  A TweetDeck is a Twitter app.  It serves as a sort of dashboard or homebase for my Twitter job searches, networking and business- and career-related conversations.  The TweetDeck is an Adobe product that runs on Adobe’s AIR platform and is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems.  TweetDeck is free, easy to download and use, and requires no setup (save for entering your Twitter username and password).  TweetDeck is even good-looking.  Who could ask for more?

OK.  There is a little more you should know about the TweetDeck.  First, you should know that posts job tweets on Twitter.  Next, you should know how to use TweetDeck to find and apply for jobs.

How to Use TweetDeck to Find & Apply for Jobs

1. Download the TweetDeck

2. Enter your Twitter username and password (Sign up for a Twitter account)

3. Learn the TweetDeck Button Functions

4. Search for Jobs:

  • To search for jobs, click the search button and enter a search term(s) in the pop-up window.
  • Use parentheses to target your search to specific companies, jobs or terms.
  • Enter multiple search terms to monitor tweets on multiple jobs/companies.
  • A column for each of your searches will appear in your TweetDeck.

5. Applying for Jobs

  • When you see a tweet you like, place your mouse over the avatar (the tiny picture next to the tweet).  Four buttons will appear–Reply, Direct Message, Retweet and Other Options (Email Tweet, Follow, Unfollow, Mark as Read, etc.).
  • To apply for jobs, click Reply to publicly reply to the Tweeter and ask for application instruction.
  • To send a private reply, click Direct Message and ask for application instructions or more job information.
  • If the Tweeter has included a tinyurl or link, simply click the link and follow the application directions.

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