Since you gotta work…

Eclectic Mix of Companies Now Hiring!

In today’s post I’m highlighting an eclectic mix of companies–a chemical manufacturer, an animation studio, a cable company, a fiber optics manufacturer that specializes in nanomedicine, and a company that pipes music and scents into retail stores and hotels. Now Hiring! Dow Chemical – Jobs located in CA, IN, MI, MS, NE and TX; includes […]

Good news abounds! New jobless…

Good news abounds! New jobless claims down, consumer-friendly credit card bill passed, Chrysler may become a real biz again. Yay! Hearthis post

Do Drugs For Jobs

I never thought I’d advise anyone to do drugs, especially at work.  But that’s exactly what I’m advising in today’s post.  Do drugs!  Or at least, drug companies.  I know it’s not politically correct to take advantage of crises, but lately it seems that’s all there is–from the recession to massive unemployment to swine flu. […]

Bankers aren’t all bad. And, t…

Bankers aren’t all bad. And, the small banks weren’t nearly as greedy. Banking jobs- Hearthis post

Efficiency and profitability n…

Efficiency and profitability never go out of style. Operations Jobs.- Hearthis post

Another is contemplating quitt…

Another is contemplating quitting her “real” job, working in 3 bars and having a baby for the tax credits–all to get out of a bad mortgage. Hearthis post

Desperate times. My friends a…

Desperate times. My friends all have 6 jobs each. One is a dry cleaner/tax preparer/clinical research associate. Hearthis post

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