Career Gear: New Kindle DX

The new Kindle DX is here!  It’s an exciting, albeit unnecessary, update on the Kindle 2 (which took me more than 15 weeks to get).  The new Kindle DX has a larger 9.7″ screen than the Kindle 2, perfect for reading newspapers, textbooks, maps and anything that you’d prefer to see, well, bigger.  Amazon added three exciting new features: (1) the increased storage space (store up to 3,500 books vs. 1,500 on Kindle 2), (2) native PDF support (vs. file conversion on Kindle 2) and (3) the auto-rotating screen that switches from portrait to landscape as you turn the device, allowing you to read your newspaper or book at their full-width.

I’m excited about the Kindle DX, but I must admit that I don’t actually have a need for a new Kindle–big screen be darned–and I don’t really want to wait weeks and pay another $489.  But, if you don’t have a Kindle 2, and you have room in your purse for 10.4″ x 7.2″ Kindle DX, you should definitely get one!

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