3,464,800 Jobs Online Now

According to the latest Conference Board Help Wanted report, in August, the number of jobs posted online rose by 169,000 to 3,464,800.  That’s a few shy of the 11 million we need, but certainly music to our job-seeking ears.  Much of the gain came from large states, including California (26,700), Texas (21,900), Florida (15,700) and […]

The $100,000 Call Center Job

By now, you’ve read or heard the story of iQor, the Columbus, Ohio-based call center and business process outsourcing firm, that recently revealed that “best of it’s front-line call-center workers” make more than $100,000 per year.  IQor’s CEO Vikas Kapoor told BusinessWeek that his company regularly promotes call center agents to management positions, and offers […]