What Your Mom Wants You To Be When You Grow Up

A new PDK/Gallup poll revealed that 7 out of 10 parents would like their child to become a public school teacher.  That’s the highest proportion in 30 years.  And, mom and dad didn’t stop there.  They also want their little darlings to earn more money, about $10,000 more in their first jobs.  Then, no rods spared here, parents want their kids to work hard, earn advanced degrees, increase student test scores, and impress administrators in order to earn pay increases.

Want to make your parents proud?  Check out these teaching jobs. (Average pay is about $35,000, but GA’s paying up to $65,000 for certified teachers, Houston, TX is paying up to $72,000, and DOJ’s paying up to $73,000.  Plus, there are plenty of aide and admin jobs.)

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