TGIW: Thank Goodness It’s Wednesday

We’re feeling a little reflective, so we’re taking a tiny pause from the hectic job hunt to just breathe.  This post is all about taking a moment, whatever you can spare, to do something you love, something that doesn’t cost a bunch of money, something that doesn’t involve too much fanfare.  Just do something that  you absolutely enjoy doing.  How will this help you find a new job?  Simple.  Taking a breather allows you to regroup, to shrug off the disappointments and rejections, to remind yourself that life is still good, that you’re still worthy of enjoying the best its got to offer.  The more relaxed and upbeat you are while you’re out there power-networking and auditioning for the role of your life (not really, but folks are feeling a bit desperate), the easier it will be to remember to say those witty one-liners you prepared in the car, to have that seemingly spontaneous epiphany in front on your potential new boss, and to sell employers on the idea that you will be a good fit for their happy little work camp. sent you a virtual cocktail sent you a virtual cocktail

Relax.  Take a deep breath.  Take your shoes off.  Dance around your house.  Life’s good, even if you don’t have a paycheck.

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