What are Your Facebook Friends Worth to You?

This one’s a quickie, but a goodie.  Vasanth Sridharan of the Business Insider blog suggests that we should each be paid 5%-10% commission on any sale that results from a referral to our social net friends.  Other writers, analysts, gurus and insiders have offered more complicated evaluations of your worth as a “connector” or “influencer”, but the bottom line is that there is a massive amount of energy being dedicated to figuring out how much you’re worth to advertisers.  If Zuckerberg and crew at Facebook can figure it out, they, along with the folks at MySpace, YouTube and other social nets, will finally be able to monetize all of our special eyeballs and connections.  And, you may be able to start a new career as a “connector” or “influencer”.  OK.  Maybe that’s premature.

What are you worth?

Check out the viralloop book too.
Check out the viralloop book too.

Check out the Viralloop Facebook app.  It promises to tell you exactly what you’re worth based on your FB activities and connections.

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