Best MBA Programs for Career Switchers

The recession has not only wiped out parts of our economy, but it has also wiped out many jobs and career fields–for good.  Many of the jobs that have been outsourced overseas during the downturn will not likely return, at least not in the near future.  And, because many businesses cannot hire due to financial restrictions, the few jobs that do open up in the near term will primarily be for experienced professionals with deep technical expertise (Here “technical expertise” refers to advanced knowledge and skills in a given field, not necessarily to a technical field such as engineering or IT).  The upshot is that the recession has created or invigorated some career fields and specialties within career fields.

To ensure that you are ready to compete for new jobs in the coming economic recovery, you’ll need to re-tool or re-skill.  One of the best ways to do this, especially in the absence of on-the-job training, is to augment your education.  This is a good idea for those who are currently unemployed, those who fear they soon be, and those who are currently employed but want to capitalize on new opportunities.

To help you with this, has a list of the top part-time MBA programs for career switchers.


  1. Boston University, Boston, MA
  2. NYU, New York, NY
  3. Boston College (Carroll), Boston, MA
  4. Fordham, New York, NY
  5. UC Berkeley (Haas), Berkeley, CA
  6. Loyola Marymount, Los Angeles, CA
  7. USC (Marshall), Los Angeles, CA
  8. Michigan (Ross), Ann Arbor, MI
  9. Indiana University Southeast, New Albany, IN
  10. Chicago (Booth), Chicago, IL
  11. Case Western (Weatherhead), Cleveland, OH
Source: BusinessWeek

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