Best Job in the World Redux? $100K and a Break from Your Life

OK.  We know it sounds like a scam, but, thus far, it checks out!  The folks at social coupon startup Groupon are offering a brave soul the opportunity to drop everything and escape their dreary lives for one year for a $100,000 prize.

You’ll have to live off the land.  Just kidding!  You’ll have to live off Groupons–discounts negotiated by Groupon users.  That means moving out of your house/apartment, cutting off access to your credit cards and bank accounts, and using no other forms of monetary support.  It also means you’ll have to do a bit of traveling and blogging.

Groupon guinea pig will have to make use of Groupons in 30 or more cities!  You’ll travel, use Groupon-friendly transportation, eat at Groupon-friendly restaurants, stay at Groupon-friendly hotels and check out other Groupon stuff (there are spa deals!).

Sounds a bit crazy!  But, if you want an adventure, are willing to blog about it, and need $100K, this is your gig!

To apply, visit  The deadline is close–February 24th!!!

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