Pimp Your Job Search With New LinkedIn Features

If you were an actor in search of a job, you’d need an agent.  And, if you had a good one, you’d get invites to the best auditions and likely earn some premium roles.  But, you’re not an actor; you’re an accountant, an HR manager, a creative director or a financial planner.  You still deserve invites to the best auditions (interviews) and to land premium roles (jobs).

But, you’ll need to step up your game to out-maneuver the 15,299,000 other job-seekers in the job market.  Luckily, LinkedIn has recently added new features to help you better market yourself to the thousands of employers and 65 million influencers on LinkedIn.

These features will prove especially helpful for those of us who don’t have a powerful network of friends and family upon whom we can depend for job and business referrals.  You can now actively market your expertise, not just your resume, from your LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn’s New Features:

SlideShare app – Show potential employers you’re a thought leader in your industry or career field by adding a presentation or slideshow to your LinkedIn profile.  If you’ve been incubating an industry-changing idea, dying to share your informed opinion, or just dying to share the videos, webinars or presentations that have influenced you, here’s your opportunity!linkedin slideshare app on careersthatdontsuck.com

To take advantage of it, you need only select the app, opt to connect your free SlideShare account to your LinkedIn account and your presentation will be viewable on LinkedIn and on SlideShare.net.

Follow Companies – LinkedIn now allows companies to set up pages a la Facebook.  The focus on these pages is providing you with information on the latest developments (new hires, promotions, job postings, stock market news), information you can use to surmise when a company has resumed hiring (or layoffs), when a position you’ve targeted might be vacant and when to target a faster-growing competitor.LinkedIn Follow Companies on Careersthatdontsuck.com

Sharing – LinkedIn now allows you to share news with your LinkedIn networks in the same way you use Facebook Share to share news with your Facebook friends.  The goal here is to “curate” news that shows potential employers that you are on top of current trends and news in your field or industry, even if you aren’t currently employed.

Job Seeker Accounts – Most of us are using LinkedIn’s services free of charge, but LinkedIn does offer paid services designed to help you stand out from the hordes of freeloaders and passive jobseekers.  They offer Basic, Job Seeker and Job Seeker Plus accounts for $19.95, $29.95 and $49.95 per month, respectively.  For the money you get 3 key benefits:

  • Move to the top of the hiring manager’s list as Featured Applicant when you apply to jobs on LinkedIn
  • Send personalized InMail messages directly to hiring managers, even those outside their network
  • Save profiles, add notes and keep track of contacts from your job search with Profile Organizer

The major differences between the accounts are the number of InMails (emails to hiring managers) you’re allowed to send, the number of Introductions to “inside sources”, and the number of full profiles you can access.  The Job Seeker Account ($29.95) is the best buy, offering 5 InMails, 15 Introductions and access to 250 full profiles.

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