When It Comes to Job Growth the Census Counts

In May, employers added 431,000 jobs to the economy.  The largest contributor was the U.S. Census Bureau that hired 411,000 temporary Census workers.  The remaining jobs (the 41,000 private sector jobs added in May) were contributed by private sector employers in the manufacturing, temporary help services and mining industries.  All in, the net gain in jobs pushed the unemployment rate down to 9.7%.


If you are looking for a manufacturing job, check out pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms and companies that make staples like paper towels, food and tampons.  If you want work in the Temporary Help industry, target staffing firms, especially those that specialize in placing IT or healthcare professionals.  Mining industry job gains are likely due to cleanup efforts in the Gulf and a push for mining safety, so look into oil and gas companies and engineering, geology and consulting firms that support mining and oil and gas extraction.  If you’re a doctor or a nurse, there’s probably a recruiter on your doorstep now.  While you guys get the door, the rest of us can check out outpatient clinics, home health firms and staff and support jobs at hospitals.

Job gains, fewer new unemployment claims, and the fact that 273,000 people went back to work in May, bodes well for job-seekers.  But, there are still 14,973,000 unemployed workers out there, the average one of them unemployed for 34.4 weeks.  Don’t worry, Careersthatdontsuck.com is on the case.  We’ll help get you all back to work–one incredibly informative post at a time!

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