4,149,000 Jobs Online Now

According to the Conference Board, there are 4,149,000 jobs posted online right now.  The number is little changed since April when jobs increased by 223,0000, and with 14,973,000 people still unemployed, there are fewer than 4 unemployed people for every one posted job.

So what kind of jobs are online now?

Jobs in sales, education and training, entertainment, food preparation and service, healthcare support and personal care are all at or above their pre-recession 2007 levels.  Job-seekers in search of jobs in these fields, may find it easier to land a new gig in the coming months.  Unfortunately, while the numbers are improving, office work (administrative, legal and computer), manufacturing and construction jobs are still below pre-recession levels.  Finding a job in these fields may be more difficult but not impossible.

Happy job-hunting!

Search 4,149,000 jobs online now

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