Learn From The Best: Zappos Wants to Show You How To Build a Billion-Dollar Biz

Zappos.com is the  $1 billion a year e-retailer that’s not only won the hearts of its customers, but also become the darling of the business world and business press.  On its face, Zappos.com sells shoes, clothes and accessories via mail order.  But, it’s actually an ingenious customer service and logistics company powered by big ideas and smart, happy people.

Ask CEO Tony Hsieh and he’ll tell you that the secret sauce is the company’s quirky culture and his own obsession with his employees’ happiness.  It’s hard to argue with Hsieh since the proof is in the billion-dollar pudding.  He’s created a unique culture brimming with eccentricities like red velvet thrones, free life coaches, and sleepovers at the CEO’s house, and rich with perks like compressed workweeks, free health benefits and free lunches.  And, despite the fact that Zappos’ employees are lowly paid (the CEO earns $36K/year), they are scarily happy and productive.

Wouldn’t you love to know how you can sell mundane products and pay your employees meager wages but still keep them happy enough to help you build a billion-dollar enterprise?  Now’s your chance!  Zappos’ CEO and management team want to share the inner workings of their successful business with you.  They want to share their culture, their operations and their philosophy with you so that you can apply it to your own business.  To accomplish this, Hsieh created Zappos Insights (ZI).

ZI is a unit of Zappos that provides access to customers and business owners, basically anyone who wants to know more about how Zappos does it.  Via ZI, Zappos provides 4 “experiences”–(1) Tours (a free basic tour and a $47 upgraded tour); (2) a $397 Silver package that features a tour + 1.5 hours with team members from 3 departments of your choice, (3) a $1497/person Gold package that features a full day’s access to Zappos staff and 1 month of free access to Insights and staff; and (4) a $4000 2-day Bootcamp that features dinner with Hsieh and senior Zappos managers, step-by-step instructions on creating your own Zappos-esque culture and answers to your direct, specific questions.

Learn more about Zappos’ Experiences.

Zappos.com is also hiring.  Check out their current job openings.

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