Private Employers Added 71,000 Jobs Last Month. Who’s Doing the Hiring?

By now, you’ve heard the bad news.  Employers are adding jobs more slowly than we’d hoped.  That is disappointing but the press has all but glossed over the sliver of good news:  Private employers added a net total of 71,000 jobs in July!  That’s 71,000 people back to work.  Sure, we need to get about 14.6 million back to work, but every 71,000 jobs helps.  The other good news is that the unemployment rate is holding steady at 9.5%–NOT rising–and employers in several industries are continuing to hire.

Now, let’s dig deeper into the Bureau of Labor Statistic’s July jobs report to understand what’s happening in the job market–what’s making the business press so negative and why you should be hopeful.  First, the negative.  The business press and analysts are negative because they predicted higher job gains, fewer jobless claims and faster GDP growth.  They were wrong.  Being wrong makes people grumpy and negative press drives more views/readers than happy press.  The end.

On to the good stuff, those 71,000 jobs.  Where did they come from?  Well, employers in several industries added jobs last month.  Here are the biggest gainers.


  1. Manufacturing +36,000
  2. Healthcare +27,000
  3. Transportation & Warehousing +12, 200
  4. Mining & Logging +8,000
  5. Retailers +6,700
  6. Leisure & Hospitality +6,000

Of course, wants to give you the complete picture, so we also have to tell you that the biggest loser industries.


  1. Government -202,000 (143,000 were Census jobs that ended)
  2. Financial Activities -17,000
  3. Professional & Business Services -13,000
  4. Construction -11,000

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