Employers’ Most Wanted: There Are More Jobs in These Fields Than Unemployed Folks To Fill Them

Believe it or not, there are actually fields with more available jobs (meaning taking apps now) than qualified candidates to take them!  In fact, there are three fields in which employers are struggling to find candidates with the right skill sets.  In one of them, the number of jobs to qualified candidates is actually 3 to 1!

Knowing which jobs employers are desperate to fill can give you a big advantage over other job-seekers, both because you can improve the effectiveness of your job search by searching for jobs in fields where you’re most likely to get hired and because you can improve your chances of getting hired by acquiring the right skills via certificate and degree programs, internships and business opportunities.

So, what are these wonderful job fields into which (qualified) you might stroll and land a job immediately?


  1. Computer and Mathematical Science

  2. Healthcare Practitioners & Technical

  3. Architecture and Engineering

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