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In partnership with Spring4th Consulting, a full-service HR, career and leadership development consultancy, provides leadership development and career development training and consulting services to corporate and small business teams. Courses are available via the Web, as self-directed online courses and as on- and off- site instructor-led classroom courses.

With over 10 years experience in corporate training and development and career coaching, our team of training, human resources and management professionals have discovered and validated Spring4th’s client-pleasing training and facilitation methods and workshop content. The result: A comprehensive selection of corporate and individual training workshops and services that reliably deliver their intended results–more productive, proactive, creative career professionals and more profitable, efficient, customer- (and shareholder) pleasin’ corporations.

Spring4th Workshops & Classes

HR 2.0

  • Social Media & The Engaged Employee
  • Creating & Managing a Virtual Organization
  • Jobs of the Future

Leadership Development

  • Building A Leadership Factory: Identifying and Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders Today…and Every day
  • Every Manager’s Guide to Building & Developing A Winning Team
  • Developing Effective Project Teams (for large-scale projects i.e. store openings, product launches, reorganizations)
  • Turbo Training: Training & Development Solutions That Meet and Anticipate Business and Market Needs

Communication/Presentation Skills

  • Everybody Else’s Guide to Business Writing (Memos, Blogs, Policies, Customer & Employee Correspondence)
  • Naked Not Working? Presentation and Public Speaking Tips & Tools That Wow Audiences and Win Business
  • Slidin’ Into Home: Creating Captivating Powerpoint Presentations (Powerpoint Basic-Advanced, Effects, Games, Storyboarding)

Management/Supervisory Skills

  • Every New Managers Guide to Not Failing (5 Essential Skills for Successful Transitions into Supervisory & Management Roles)
  • The Working Manager & Art of Delegation
  • Keep the Big Stick!: Managing & Motivating Teams Using Modeling, Motivation & Influence
  • Recruiting, Interviewing & Selecting the Right Candidates
  • Bridge-Building: Mediation & Facilitation Skills for Managers

Change Management/Organizational Change

  • Continental Flip: Managing and Prospering From Major Organizational Change
  • Extra! Extra! Developing and Executing Effective Change Communications Plans
  • Work/Life Balance: Creating Virtual & Flexible Organizations That Really Work (A complete guide to planning and executing the transition from traditional to virtual and/or flexible staffing)
  • Peanut Butter & Jelly: Partnering with Your Suppliers and Competitors to Achieve Your Business Goals

Innovation and Creativity

  • Idea-Matic: Getting Your Best Ideas Out & Working (We guarantee you’ll leave this workshop with 100 ideas you can use)
  • The Recipe: Creative Processes That Reliably Lead to Marketable Products, Services & Businesses Ideas
  • Fertile Ground: Creating the Optimal Conditions for Innovation & Creativity

Corporate Culture/Diversity & Inclusion

  • Culture Sherpa: Understanding, Branding and Benefiting From Your Corporate Culture
  • Leveraging Diversity to Access New Markets, Attract and Retain Talent, Create and Maintain Competitive Edge

Human Capital Management/Employee Performance Management

  • Building A Results Factory: Performance Management Systems That Reliably Deliver Desired Results
  • Designing Effective Employee Relations Practices (Complaint Resolution, Coaching & Counseling)
  • I Heart PPA’s: Designing Performance Appraisals That Actually Drive Sustainable Performance Results
  • Human Capital Inc.: Identifying and Capitalizing on Your Business’ Human Capital and Intellectual Property Assets

Customer Service/Engagement

  • Customer-Pleasin’ Service: Delivering Customer Service That Keeps Them Coming Back
  • Customer Engagement and Retention Strategies

Human Resources Management, Services & Operations

  • The Human Resources Business Plan (Planning and selecting the right HR services, practices and policies for your business)
  • Hard Numbers on Soft Skills: Developing Meaningful HR Metrics
  • Employment Laws Every Manager Must Know (Federal & State)
  • Litigation-Proofing Your Business (Employment, Wage & Hour and Business Law, Sarbanes-Oxley, and more)
  • Conducting Litigation-Proof HR Investigations
  • Startup HR (Learn to set up new HR departments for startup and growing businesses)
  • HR Certification Preparation (Let us prepare your HR staff for the PHR & SPHR)

Small Business

  • Money Origami: Creative Financing Options for Small Businesses
  • Big Fish: Creative Ways to Attract Top Talent for Your Small Business
  • Main Street MBA: Business School for Working Entrepreneurs
  • eLocation: Moving Your Business to the Web
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