Oprah Discovers the Kindle.

Oprah’s discovered the Amazon Kindle!  I know.  I know.  If you’re like me, you discovered this electronic book reader eons ago, back when it was supposed to be the “It” gift for Christmas 2007.  Anyway, I don’t want to sound like one of those dismissive “early-adopters”, but I’ve been there and done the Kindle.  But, […]

Everybody Else’s Guide to Green & Socially Responsible Careers Now in Paperback (and e-book)!

Gas prices are down and oil companies are eager to hold on to their big profits. If you continue to hold back on your gas consumption, they’ll shift their focus to staking their claims in renewable energy production. This, and the passing of the Energy Improvement and Extension Act, means government and private money will […]

Career Gear: Smart Cars

Gas prices being what they are, getting to work (or looking for work) has never been more costly.  Even those with relatively short commutes are feeling the pinch of high gas prices.  Some employers are doing their bit by allowing some workers to telecommute or telework.  But, that won’t work for everyone.  If your job […]