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Career Profile: Physician’s Assistant

What is a Physician’s Assistant? A Physician assistant (PA) is a health professional licensed to practice medicine with physician supervision.  They are not doctors, but they are near enough to smell (and reap) the six-figure salaries. What do Physician’s Assistants do? Physician’s Assistants must be supervised by medical doctors, but the law does allow PAs […]

Career Profile: Audio Branding

Ever wonder who came up with the N-B-C chime or the “ker-chung” sound for Law & Order: SVU?  How about the music for those Starbuck’s and Pottery Barn CDs?  Bet you thought the music playing in hotel lobbies was just Muzak.  Wrong.  There’s actually a whole career field devoted to composing and selecting the right […]

Career Profile: Asset Hunter

Finally, there’s something we can thank Bernie Madoff for–he’s actually reinvigorated an industry, the asset forfeiture and seizure industry.  The asset forfeiture and seizure industry is actually a niche or arm of the law enforcement industry.  This niche is not new, but it’s certainly got a new spark in our new age of a thousand […]

Career Profile: Landman

AKA:  Field Representative, Title Specialist, Lease Specialist What is a Landman? A Landman is the person who ensures oil and gas and other energy companies secure the right to use, drill on or pump through property owned by individuals, businesses and governments. What does a Landman do? A Landman researches who owns the land, or […]

Most Intriguing Job in the Obama White House

There are a lot of intriguing people in the Obama administration, but the administration’s most intriguing job–at least as far as I’m concerned–is that of Chief Performance Officer (CPO), Nancy Killefer’s new post. I’m captivated by this position for two reasons–it’s amazing potential for success and it’s equally amazing potential for failure.  If Killefer succeeds, […]

Career Profile: Social Media Strategist

Job Title: Social Media Strategist AKA: Social Media Specialist, Interactive Media Specialist, Manager of Digital Strategy What is a social media strategist? A social media strategist is a person who advises companies on how to market their products/services using social media (blogs, Internet videos, social networks, forums and other interactive media). What do social media […]

Career Profile: Nursing Informatics

Job Title(s): Nursing Informatics Specialist or Health Informatics Specialist What is a Nursing Informatics Specialist? A nursing informatics specialist is part nurse, part IT professional, part project manager and part change process improvement consultant. What does a Nursing Informatics Specialist do? Nursing informatics specialists lead and direct the planning, implementation and administration of information technology […]

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