Career Profile: Opposition Researcher

JOB TITLE: Opposition Researcher WHAT IS AN OPPOSITION RESEARCHER? In broad terms, an Opposition Researcher is someone who researches information on political candidates outside of their political party (hence the word “Opposition” in the job title). WHAT DOES AN OPPOSITION RESEARCHER DO? Opposition Researchers dig into political candidates’ backgrounds–their voting records, speeches they’ve given at […]

Opportunity Alert: The Executive’s Executive

Are you especially good at keeping things organized? Don’t mind spending your days running errands, hunting down birthday gifts, shopping, grooming pets or chauffeuring executives about town? Well, you’re in luck. Demand for these services is growing rapidly as more executives, mid-level managers, professionals and two-income families find themselves in need of an extra pair […]

Career Profile: Site Selection Consultant

Job Title: Site Selection Consultant AKA: Real Estate Consultants, Location Consultant, Relocation Consultants What is a Site Selection Consultant? A Site Selection Consultant is a consultant that is hired by corporations or business owners to identify the best location for their new facilities. What does a Site Selection Consultant do? Site Selection Consultants are hired […]

Career Profile: Experience Designer

Experience Designer AKA: Retail Experience Designer, Store Designer, Customer Experience Designer, Interactive Experience Designer What is an Experience Designer? An Experience Designer designs the overall environment and interactions that customers experience when they visit and patronize a business. Not to be confused with User-Experience Designers who primarily work in technology fields creating virtual experiences for […]