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$100,000 Grant for New Entrepreneurs

Inc. magazine, a magazine for small business owners, and, a website that matches U.S. businesses with Chinese manufacturers, want to give small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs $100,000 in grants to start or grow their new enterprises.  To get your share of the $100,000 prize (top prize is a $50,000 grant), you’ll need to […]

Lay-Away for the Holidays

In a truly retro moment in the market, something I thought was gone with the Blue laws is back. Lay-away is making a comeback.  Just in time for the holidays and the credit clamp-down, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Kmart and Burlington Coat Factory have announced the rebirth of lay-away.  Kmart’s even running national radio and TV […]

UPS Delivers Small Business Loans

United Parcel Services (UPS) has announced that, beginning September 9th, they will begin lending working capital to small businesses via its new UPS Capital Cargo Finance program.  UPS officials say the short-term loans will average around $150,000 and will effectively function like bank lines of credit.  UPS will advance the small business owner cash to […]

Opportunity Alert: Peddling Electric Bikes

Electric bikes–uncool as they sound–are hot!  Another gift from Big Oil, the popularity of these retro cuties is soaring thanks to high gas prices. Electric bikes are hybrids: They run on old-fashioned pedaling power and have a battery.  Electric bikes are perfect for commuters who want to get into the city quickly and cheaply (no […]

Small Business Loans: Coming to a Hedge Fund Near You

Those wily hedge fund managers are up to their old tricks–giving us what we want and making megabucks in the process.  Their newest product is a hot, hard-to-get, one.  It’s business loans. Hedge funds are offering asset-based loans to a select few business owners.  In exchange for sizable loans with short repayment periods (usually less […]

Rejoining the Herd: Why Ex-Entrepreneurs Struggle to Find “Regular” Jobs

Since the economy tanked many people who never imagined they’d be looking for jobs have found themselves doing just that.  Among those who thought they’d weather the economic storm with their fortunes in tact are many entrepreneurs. Forced to shutter their businesses by the tough economy, many entrepreneurs are among the 8.8 million folks surfing […]

The Starbucks Problem: What You Can Learn

Check out the latest installment of the “What Now?” podcast series, a mini-series devoted to working through the recession–one job interview, one business deal, one day at a time. The latest episode, “The Starbucks Problem” centers on Starbucks’ reversal of fortune and what career and business lessons we can learn in order to avoid costly […]

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