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The Unemployment Rate in Your State

Before you start any pursuit, including a job hunt, you should understand the market conditions–both nationally and locally.  By now, you’re aware that the national unemployment rate is 9.5% but do you know the unemployment rate is your state? UNEMPLOYMENT RATE BY STATE Alabama (9.7) Alaska (7.7) Arizona (9.6) Arkansas (7.4) California (12.3) Colorado (8.0) […]

Quarterly Earnings, Hiring Up (Part 2)

A few more companies that have experienced earnings growth and are hiring. NOW HIRING! Autodesk – The leader in computer aided design software is hiring customer service reps, Software Quality Assurance Engineers, Software Engineers, Software Researchers, a Strategic Programs Project Manager, Subscription Telesales Executives, data analysts, New Product Introduction Managers, HR business partners, social media […]

Quarterly Earnings, Hiring Up

These companies increased their earnings this quarter.  So, why should you care that corporate titans raked in a few more millions?  Because their good fortune is a good turn for job-seekers. NOW HIRING! Bally Technologies – The casino game producer and slot machine producer is hiring software engineers, contract game developers, network engineers, assemblers, quality […]

10 Best Places to Find a Job Now!

You’ve already heard the good news, that employers posted 139,200 new jobs online last month for a total jobs posted online to nearly 4.3 million.  Now, you need to know where, exactly, those jobs are located so you can fine-tune your job hunting.  Here you go! TOP 10 CITIES WITH THE MOST JOBS City (#Jobs […]

The 15 Jobs Employers Want to Fill Right Now!

In July, employers in nearly every industry posted new jobs online, indicating growing demand for certain jobs.   Here are the 15 jobs that employers across industries want to fill right now based on new jobs they posted on job boards, on their own websites, and other industry sites. First, the broad job categories. TOP […]

Employers’ Most Wanted: There Are More Jobs in These Fields Than Unemployed Folks To Fill Them

Believe it or not, there are actually fields with more available jobs (meaning taking apps now) than qualified candidates to take them!  In fact, there are three fields in which employers are struggling to find candidates with the right skill sets.  In one of them, the number of jobs to qualified candidates is actually 3 […]

There Are 4,293,300 Jobs Online Now!

According to the Conference Board, there are currently 4,293,300 jobs online now.  That’s up 139,000 over last month!  Employers posted enough jobs that there is now one job posted online for every 3.52 unemployed job-seekers.  Sure, you may face down more than four folks for a given job, but depending on the job and the […]

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