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Would You Kill a Bug for $1337?

Google is hoping the answer is “Yes”. The search giant is offering a reward of $500-$1337 for each bug, or vulnerability, you can find in its Chromium code (the code base for Google’s Chrome browser). Google is calling the offer an “experimental new incentive” designed to ensure that its Chrome browser is in fighting form […]

A New Class of Worker: Permanent Temps

There are nearly 16M people searching for jobs and just under 4M jobs posted online right now.  Needless to say, we need a few more jobs.  The good news is that more jobs are slowly beginning to open up (Evidence: More jobs posted online, unemployment holding at 10%, unemployment claims up only 36).  The bad […]

5 Things Adult Interns Should Know

A lot has been said about a mini trend that has adults who graduated from college 5 or more years ago working as interns, or externs, to ride out the recession.  The trend was born of the fact that the job market has been slow to add all but entry-level jobs.  Many experienced workers have […]

Five Things You Must Do to Get Hired in 2009

Focus, Not Fear I know it’s hard to set your fears of foreclosure, debt and financial ruin aside, but for the sake of your job hunt, you must.  That’s the only way you will be able to focus your energy and time on finding a new job.  When we are desperate we tend to run […]

The Curious Growth of Guru Gigs

While trolling the job search boards, I noticed something very curious.  There seemed to be a great number of guru gigs.  Companies are hiring gurus with every manner of expertise–from footwear to PowerPoint to computer programming languages. Guru gigs are not new, but they’ve certainly taken off of late (check out the graph below).  Not […]

Work From Home: Apple Wants You…in Your PJs

Here’s a bonafide work-from-home job opportunity with a company you may have heard of, Apple.  That’s right!  Steve Jobs, the maniacal genius that compels me to spend all of my money on pretty, shiny things I don’t really need, want to hire folks to work from home as AppleCare HBA Technical Customer Service Representatives (The […]

Freelance Jobs On the Rise

Our economic turmoil has hastened the demise of many jobs and businesses, but it’s also creating its share of opportunities.  One such opportunity is the growth of freelance jobs. Employers are posting jobs and projects on freelancer and work-at-home websites at a faster clip than they did prior to the recession., a website for […]

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