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Small Business Loan Program Rewards You For Hiring

Chase just launched a pretty innovative small business lending program.  Basically, they are offering to lower interest rates on loans or credit lines to qualified small businesses by as much as 2%, a half a percent for each employee you hire after you’ve secured the loan (up to 3 employees).  You’ll certainly need to meet […]

Learn From The Best: Zappos Wants to Show You How To Build a Billion-Dollar Biz is the  $1 billion a year e-retailer that’s not only won the hearts of its customers, but also become the darling of the business world and business press.  On its face, sells shoes, clothes and accessories via mail order.  But, it’s actually an ingenious customer service and logistics company powered by big ideas […]

You and Your Honey Could Be Paid to Test Honeymoon Destinations

In a now well-worn move (remember the “Best Job in the World”?), the Irish Times has partnered with a group of travel agents, airlines and wedding planners to drum up publicity for a little-known/used vacation destination using the lure of a too-good-to-be-true job.  In this case, it’s the “Ultimate Job in Ireland”, the Honeymoon Tester. […]

Best Job in the World Redux? $100K and a Break from Your Life

OK.  We know it sounds like a scam, but, thus far, it checks out!  The folks at social coupon startup Groupon are offering a brave soul the opportunity to drop everything and escape their dreary lives for one year for a $100,000 prize. You’ll have to live off the land.  Just kidding!  You’ll have to […]

What are Your Facebook Friends Worth to You?

This one’s a quickie, but a goodie.  Vasanth Sridharan of the Business Insider blog suggests that we should each be paid 5%-10% commission on any sale that results from a referral to our social net friends.  Other writers, analysts, gurus and insiders have offered more complicated evaluations of your worth as a “connector” or “influencer”, […]

TGIW: Thank Goodness It’s Wednesday

We’re feeling a little reflective, so we’re taking a tiny pause from the hectic job hunt to just breathe.  This post is all about taking a moment, whatever you can spare, to do something you love, something that doesn’t cost a bunch of money, something that doesn’t involve too much fanfare.  Just do something that  […]

Inspired Ideas: Will Work for Reference Letters

Yesterday, I was startled by footsteps on my deck.  It was nearly 6pm and I wasn’t expecting anyone.  I looked out the window and caught a glimpse of a young man about 19 or 20 years old dressed in a white shirt button-down and khakis.  He was making his way down my street, going from […]

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