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Learn From The Best: Zappos Wants to Show You How To Build a Billion-Dollar Biz is the  $1 billion a year e-retailer that’s not only won the hearts of its customers, but also become the darling of the business world and business press.  On its face, sells shoes, clothes and accessories via mail order.  But, it’s actually an ingenious customer service and logistics company powered by big ideas […]

Best Job in the World Redux? $100K and a Break from Your Life

OK.  We know it sounds like a scam, but, thus far, it checks out!  The folks at social coupon startup Groupon are offering a brave soul the opportunity to drop everything and escape their dreary lives for one year for a $100,000 prize. You’ll have to live off the land.  Just kidding!  You’ll have to […]

Career Profile: Physician’s Assistant

What is a Physician’s Assistant? A Physician assistant (PA) is a health professional licensed to practice medicine with physician supervision.  They are not doctors, but they are near enough to smell (and reap) the six-figure salaries. What do Physician’s Assistants do? Physician’s Assistants must be supervised by medical doctors, but the law does allow PAs […]

Can’t Fill Hard-to-Fill Jobs? Fill the Next Best Jobs.

A recent article in the Huffington post, entitled “As Layoffs Persist, Good Jobs Go Unfilled” identified job positions that are available, high-paying, and hard to fill because so few people are qualified.  The article lists the following hard-to-fill jobs: Nurse Pharmacist MRI technician/ultrasound technologist Data analyst Physical therapist Electrical engineer Plant scientist Geotechnical engineer A […]

Deal of the Century: Free Business School Tuition and a Job

Since our economy imploded, much has been said and implied about the education and integrity of MBA grads.  Criticism about the lack of preparedness and the unscrupulousness of MBAs led Ivy League business schools to ask their MBA candidates to sign ethics pledges.  MBA grads, a generally downturn-resistant crew, now join their State U. counterparts […]

Break Into the Gaming Industry. Win $100,000.

If you’ve ever played a video game and thought, “I could make a better game than this,” here’s your chance!  GameStop, Southern Methodist University’s Guildhall and the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences have issued a challenge to indie gamers who think they’ve got what it takes to create a hit game, and start a […]

$100,000 Grant for New Entrepreneurs

Inc. magazine, a magazine for small business owners, and, a website that matches U.S. businesses with Chinese manufacturers, want to give small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs $100,000 in grants to start or grow their new enterprises.  To get your share of the $100,000 prize (top prize is a $50,000 grant), you’ll need to […]

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