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Question: Are you editing your list of potential employers to save face?

I had a very interesting conversation with a friend who is currently on the hunt for a new job.  She, like so many, was very frustrated by the fact that she has received only a couple of responses to the dozens of resumes she has sent out (and hand-delivered).  She spoke of feeling rejected, disillusioned […]

Career Question: Has being unemployed long-term caused you to rethink your career choices or options?

Unemployment numbers are scary.  Being unemployed is scarier.  Millions of people are currently unemployed and have been for months.  If you’re among them, you understand the long-term unemployment stats intimately. LONG-TERM UNEMPLOYMENT STATS 6.3 million people have been unemployed for 27 weeks or more. 8.3 million people have been forced to work part-time due to […]

What Your Mom Wants You To Be When You Grow Up

A new PDK/Gallup poll revealed that 7 out of 10 parents would like their child to become a public school teacher.  That’s the highest proportion in 30 years.  And, mom and dad didn’t stop there.  They also want their little darlings to earn more money, about $10,000 more in their first jobs.  Then, no rods […]

Survey Says Main-Streeters Distrust Wall-Streeters

I read the results of an interesting Harris Poll today.  Harris polled 1,010 Americans and found, surprise of surprises, that they don’t trust the folks on Wall Street and they want recently awarded bonuses returned. Here are the highlights. The Trust Issues “Most people on Wall Street would be willing to break the law if they […]

If you were in charge of the economic recovery, what would you do?

I’ve never had more conversations about politics or the economy in my life!  Everyone has an answer, something they feel should be done or could be done better–lower taxes, wipe out everyone’s credit card debt, freeze foreclosures, invest in education or infrastructure jobs. President-Elect Obama is reportedly considering passing out $850B to a bevy of […]

Poll: What Should Congress Do Next?

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Poll: Should We Bail Out Failing Banks?

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