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Are You Ready For Radio Resumes?

KMEL 106.1, a radio station in the San Francisco Bay Area, is offering its job-hunting listeners an opportunity to “use this airtime to promote YOU if you’re currently seeking employment”. KMEL has partnered with Peninsula Works (a one-stop career center in San Francisco) to give job-seekers in the radio station’s listening area the chance to […]

MBA Does Not Equal Big Pay

Businessweek teamed up with to get to the bottom of the popular urban myth belief that “MBAs earn the big bucks”.  Businessweek’s interest was peaked by the growth in b-school apps, and the fact that most MBA programs lure prospective students with impressive salary stats, i.e. “average salary of Private U. grads: $100,000”.  Most, […]

Break Into the Gaming Industry. Win $100,000.

If you’ve ever played a video game and thought, “I could make a better game than this,” here’s your chance!  GameStop, Southern Methodist University’s Guildhall and the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences have issued a challenge to indie gamers who think they’ve got what it takes to create a hit game, and start a […]

The Real-Life Story of Resume Black Holes

Folks are mobbing job fairs. It’s taking more than 4 months (on average) to find a job. And, every day, all day millions of frustrated job-hunters click the “Submit” button and blast their resumes into resume black holes–online job ads and websites set up for the sole purpose of slurping up and storing resumes. So, […]

Building Your Resume

You’ve probably heard the phrase “building your resume”. Ever wondered what it means? Ever wonder if you are doing it right? I did. So I asked a few career professionals from the education, finance, HR and marketing fields. Here’s what they told me when I asked them to complete the sentence “Buidling your resume means…” […]

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