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Private Employers Added 71,000 Jobs Last Month. Who’s Doing the Hiring?

By now, you’ve heard the bad news.  Employers are adding jobs more slowly than we’d hoped.  That is disappointing but the press has all but glossed over the sliver of good news:  Private employers added a net total of 71,000 jobs in July!  That’s 71,000 people back to work.  Sure, we need to get about […]

Learn From The Best: Zappos Wants to Show You How To Build a Billion-Dollar Biz is the  $1 billion a year e-retailer that’s not only won the hearts of its customers, but also become the darling of the business world and business press.  On its face, sells shoes, clothes and accessories via mail order.  But, it’s actually an ingenious customer service and logistics company powered by big ideas […]

Jobs Are Back. Time to Quit Yours?

The recovery is in full swing, with jobs returning to the market at a faster pace than in prior months.  New unemployment claims are down, job vacancies are up and the unemployment rate is down.  Sounds like the perfect time to quit your job, right? Believe it or not, more people quit their jobs in […]

Question: Should You Refer A Friend For A Job?

Finding a job can be maddening for most.  You network, you send resumes, you volunteer your services, you get certified and…still no job! We’ve all been there at one time or another, and we’ve all probably wished a benevolent, employed friend would refer us for a job.  But, should you refer a friend for a […]

5 Resources to Help You Figure Out How the Health Care Reform Bill Affects You

That’s the hottest topic in the press right now.  Here are 5 resources to help you understand how the bill’s passage affects you. The Washington Post’s interactive questionnaire allows you to enter a bit of info about yourself and your income and then tells you what you can expect in terms of healthcare costs, tax […]

The Jobs Bill Passed. Do You Care?

Today, Congress, by a vote of 68-29, passed the Jobs Bill.  Just to refresh your memory, the jobs bill promises the following: Businesses that hire unemployed workers will be exempt from paying the 6.2% Social Security payroll tax through December 2010 Businesses that retain these employees for a full year receive an additional $1,000 credit/worker […]

Your Bad Credit May Keep You From Getting a Job

With 16M unemployed and only a few bright spots in the job market, landing a new job is tough.  In fact, it’s getting to be a Herculean feat.  There simply are not enough jobs available and in the right markets to get everyone who wants to work back to work. Making matters worse is the […]

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