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Careersthatdontsuck [COLLEGE EDITION] is our latest newsletter. We’ve launched this exciting new resource as a bit of preventative medicine–a vaccination against careers that don’t suck.Careersthatdontsuck College Edition

Careersthatdontsuck [COLLEGE EDITION] is a monthly newsletter delivered to over 2,000 colleges and career education schools throughout the U.S. Like’s other products and services, Careersthatdontsuck [COLLEGE EDITION] provides valuable career and job search information, career advice and insight and access to exclusive content. Unlike the others, Careersthatdontsuck [COLLEGE EDITION] delivers information specifically for undergraduates and new grads–news, tips, tools and access to hundreds of jobs, internships and fellowships.


Careersthatdontsuck-COLLEGE EDITION is committed to helping our readers find and create careers that don’t suck. We are also committed to saving our planet through sustainable practices. That’s why we provide our newsletters in electronic format, as vibrant, full-color PDF files that can be easily downloaded and shared and as hard-copy (paper) newsletters (on recycled paper with soy ink, of course).


Subscriptions to the electronic newsletter (html or text email) are currently free to all college and university career services department staff.  Coaches, counselors and other career services advisers and staff who would like to provide a full-color PDF newsletter to their students may subscribe to the PDF newsletters for $99/year.  Subscriptions to the paper newsletter are $399/year.

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Spring4th Educational & Advisory Services, our parent company, is a full-service provider of career planning and development products and services–from newsletters to books to free and fee-based workshops and events.

New Workshops

Where the Jobs Are Now

The hottest jobs and job markets revealed in a one-hour workshop.

State of the Job Search

Students learn the latest job-hunting tools and techniques that work in any market.

Everybody Else’s Guide to Green & Socially Responsible Careers

We’ll introduce students to careers in corporate social responsibility, nonprofit management, green and environmentally responsible enterprises and social entrepreneurship. Students will leave the workshop with internship, fellowship and job leads. Fee for workshop includes workbook and copy of the recently published book Everybody Else’s Guide to Green & Socially Responsible Careers by D.D. Johnice).


Students will learn to identify the latest business, labor market, workplace trends and consumer trends, and how to capitalize on new business and career opportunities. Based on the upcoming TrendAde book.

Everybody Else’s Guide to Education Careers Outside the Classroom

A growing number of students are interested in improving the quality of education, but not everyone wants to be a teacher. We’ll introduce students to over 30 opportunities outside the classroom.

Everybody Else’s Guide to Starting a Career

There are countless resume formats and interview questions, dozens of ways to get an interview and land your first job. In this workshop students will learn what top employers want now, the resume formats that make the cut, the work experience or learning experiences that stand out and the companies most likely to hire them.

Everybody Else’s Guide to Power Networking

Networking is not an innate talent. It has to be learned. We’ll teach students to establish and make optimal use of social and professional networks to find business and job opportunities. Students will be invited to attend a real networking event with recruiters and other employer representatives.

Other workshops and events

Spring4th provides a variety of career preparation workshops for high school and college students, recent grads and young professionals.

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